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Think about what happened when Gutenberg invented the printing press:

technology rocketed the reach of the Bible.

The Bible crossed borders, shifted power,

transformed cultures, moving into the hands and

hearts of more people than ever before.

What if our next

Gutenberg moment

is right in front of us?


Micro Print-On-Demand

For the Majority World


Decentralized, cost-effective, digital print-on-demand platform enabling affordable domestic production for immediate, local distribution.


You print only what is needed, when it is needed, and the price per book is the same whether for 1, 10, 100, or 1,000 copies.


No more complicated supply chain, shipping containers, warehouse space or inventory to maintain.


for a


“Our world is far different from 16th-century Europe, but the gospel remains the same. We believe that biblical, expositional preaching and the publishing of practical theology in local languages are two primary means by which societies are transformed. Just as the faithful work of Gutenberg and the Reformers changed Germany and the history of the world, so God will continue to use Word-centered pulpits and printing presses to proclaim the hope of the cross until Jesus returns.”

- Rick Denham, International Director, 9Marks


Storefront experience permitting P4A partners exclusive digital access to view and print P4A-contracted publisher titles available via a credit purchasing system for cloud-direct printing.


"...To Be Seen & Read By All."


What role have books played in your life and ministry? Which authors or titles have you found most helpful in your Christian life?


What would you consider essential reading in your role as a pastor and teacher, in making disciples, building a healthy church, in marriage, and raising a family?


Now, what if you never had the opportunity to consider their words, to draw encouragement and strength from those pages?

For the Church in the Majority World, there is a scarcity of theologically sound books which we have only known and owned in abundance. Christians in the poorest regions do not have the convenience of two-day doorstep delivery or ability to Buy Now with 1-Click for Kindle. Pastors neither have the proximity or purchasing power to curate a library to cultivate the soil of their hearts and counteract false teachings. In a wilderness of the written word, wolves in shepherd’s clothing are devouring vulnerable believers in developing nations, preaching prosperity rather than Christ as the chief end of the gospel.


When the Church in hard places gathers together, it could cost them their lives, whereas we can leave conferences with a haul of pages at zero cost to us. From heart-language translations of the Scriptures, to the most requested and needed contextual and comprehensible resources for the edification and establishing of the global Body of Christ, Jesus has tasked us with provision for a disenfranchised Majority World:

"You give them something to eat."

-Matthew 14:16


In 1910, there were an estimated two million Christians in Africa. Today, that number is around 650 million, with 200 million considered Evangelical. By 2060, a plurality of Christians - more than four in ten - will call sub-Saharan Africa home, with the continent claiming six out of the top ten countries in the world with the largest Christian populations. The explosive growth of the Church across Africa is a movement which far too few Christians in the West are paying sufficient, prayerful attention to - yet it is one which has the potential to reshape, and over time reform, the face of global Christianity. 

Access to and ownership of the Scriptures and other affordable biblical and educational resources is integral to the spiritual formation and future of the continent. 


Rick Denham

International Director, Editora Fiel, 9Marks; Global Expansion Manager, Desiring God

“I’ve been encouraged to see how Publish4All has innovated and led the way on the African continent by making resources available to local retailers at affordable prices. With POD technology and IP licensing improving at a rapid rate, P4A is poised to play a pivotal role in the growth of the industry.”


Mark Phillips

Missionary to Niger, West Africa

“The Publish4Africa system is having a massive impact near and far, and opening doors previously closed. We can print a book today that can be available in seven different countries within 48 hours. In 2021, we printed over 25,000 books and our sales topped $56,000. In one of the poorest and least literate places in the world, a business focused on books is thriving.”


Kenneth Hopson

Missionary to Kampala, Uganda

“Some of the people receiving these materials are reading God’s Word in their heart language for the first time! I can honestly say that when the system came to our small shop, I had no idea the tremendous impact it would make for the ministry, but it literally changed everything.”


microPOD System Components


Proprietary Consumables



Proprietary Glue

Premium, non-toxic glue for successful production of perfect bound books.

Blue abstract background. Realistic landscape with waves. Cover design template. 3d vector illustration.


P4ATech Cover & Text Printer Ink

P4ATECH-developed ink to support successful long-term production of covers and text for perfect bound books, saddle stitch booklets, spiral-bound books, flyers, and posters up to A3+ size.



Layflat Lamination

P4ATECH-exclusive soft velvet and gloss lay-flat lamination up to A3 size sheet.

From innovation to installation and impacting the nations. Let's partner together to publish the whole gospel in the Majority World.


Need a smaller print solution for off-grid remote access globally? See our Printrek solution.

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